Insightful Startup Stories at Entrepreneurship Track in Suceava

Insightful Startup Stories | Entrepreneurship Track | Codecamp Suceava | Oct. 20

Codecamp Suceava kicks off in less than 10 days, and we would like to take this opportunity to highlight some of the companies that shaped the entrepreneurial scenario of the Northeast region throughout the years. We, at Rubik Hub, believe that today’s millennials have tremendous potential in breaking norms in the startup world. However, early-stage startups crave inspiration, advice, and guidelines from the best in order to take that leap of faith.

It only takes 10 minutes to choose the right career path

Calin Spiridon, creative thinker passionate about branding and marketing, has developed EduMatch in an attempt to help undecided students choose the right career path after finishing college. His project centers on extensive research on the entrepreneurial ecosystem in order to improve the existing education system. Choosing a field of study is easier said than done. By answering questions on the EduMatch platform students are provided with a number of universities and fields of studies from which they can choose the one that best matches with their passions and interests.

Time is the most valuable resource we have. Use it wisely

With a strong entrepreneurial spirit, Lucian Cramba is well-aware of people’s needs especially when it comes to food. He spotted a problem and turned it into a solution called FastOrder. The app helps people cut back on the time spent in restaurants waiting for their food to be delivered. With FastOrder, you pre-order your favorite dish at your favorite restaurant and by the time you arrive, it’s already packed. Join us at Codecamp Suceava to hear Lucian’s full story on the journey of a startup, and what sacrifices needs to be done in order to attain success in business.

It’s never too soon to become an entrepreneur

Founder of Sigma AppDev, Mircea Taune, is the youngest entrepreneur joining up at the Entrepreneurship Track within Codecamp Suceava. He’s the living proof that it’s never too soon to break through the world of business. All you need to succeed is drive, a good idea, and a committed team to help put that idea it into practice.

Business experience is measured in years, not months

With over 10 years of experience and more than 800 completed projects, Webmagnat has gone from local to national through hard work and commitment to the needs of their client base. Founder at Webmagnat, Delian Coroama, will be joining Codecamp Suceava to talk about why he became an entrepreneur. There’s a story behind every company, and if you want to hear more, make sure to join us at the Entrepreneurship Track powered by Rubik Hub.

On October 20 at Codecamp Suceava, Rubik Hub will be powering the Entrepreneurship Track. Join us for a full-day of talks on The Journey of a Startup, a concept we’ve developed to empower the Northeast region to dream bigger, and persuade early-stage entrepreneurs to success can only be achieve step by step. Do you want to grow and go from zero to hero in business? We’ll be right there to support you!

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