Since 2017, we’ve worked with over
250 startups
that change the way people live, interact and buy.

Discover below a selection of startups from our community.

Since 2017, we’ve worked with over
250 startups
that change the way people live, interact and buy.

Discover below a selection of startups from our community.

our champions

Our Champions

our champions

Our Champions


Digitail is an all-in-one veterinary software for the modern veterinary practices.

Investments: 13.7 million Euro


BrainAI is a prediction solution with big-data & machine learning that helps the medical sector.

Investments: 500,000 Euro

easy sales

easySales is a plug & play SaaS solution enabling merchants to sell on multiple marketplaces, integrating e-commerce platforms & automating order management

Investments: 2.1 million Euro


Nestor provides a people intelligence platform that helps organizations engage, develop, and retain talent in the new hybrid world.

Investments: 2 million Euro


Rayscape is a Romanian startup using AI to assist radiologists in analysing medical images, cutting analysis time by about 25% while also reducing the risk of human error. 

Investments: 1.4 million Euro


Bloomcoding is a digital coding academy where kids learn to code by building Virtual and Augmented Reality experiences.

Investments: 1.1 million Euro


TULIPR is an enterprise software for indirect procurement, bringing a consumer-like experience for the maverick spend through: Intelligent Supplier Discovery, Autonomous RFX, Master Vendor – master vendor relationships to enable supplier rationalization.

Investments: 150,000 Euro

palmo logo-

Palmo is a network for urban logistics on light electric vehicles (LEVs). It builds solutions to make urban delivery networks 10x more efficient, reduce costs, and accelerate growth.

Investments: 500,000 Euro


Oncochain builds a research platform to facilitate real-world data collection and value-based care in oncology.

Investments: 460,000 Euro


Synaptiq has developed a revolutionary artificial intelligence-based solution to improve the efficiency of radiotherapy treatment planning.

Investments: 250,000 Euro


CoMarket is a SaaS that helps hospitality entrepreneurs manage and streamline their business’ internal acquisitions. Marketplace with +8000 products.

Investments: 300,000 Euro


Helperz is the first Romanian online platform for babysitting, pet sitting, meditations, elderly care and cleaning.

Investments: 90,000 Euro


Metabeta is an early-stage portfolio management suite for accelerators, angels, and funds.

Investments: 500,000 Euro


Nelma is a mental healthcare marketplace that connects licensed psychologists with people who need them, through our mobile apps.

Investments: 75,000 Euro

nifty learning

Nifty Learning is the central hub for all your learning and professional development initiatives.

Investments: 270,000 Euro


Adservio is an online school management platform that connects teachers with parents and students.

Investments: 2 million Euro


Cyber Swarm develops a CPU specialized for cybersecurity which empowers every device to defend itself in case of a cyberattack.

Investments: 1 million Euro


Jobful is a recruitment and engagement through gamified frameworks & human-focused design.

Investments: 700,000 Euro

The Rubikorns Startup Community

The Rubikorns Startup Community

Exigo strives to replace the traditional way of doing physical rehabilitation with interactive methods that motivate and guide patients.


Sensix is Google Analytics for buildings and factories, providing power quality and sophisticated reports to find ways to optimize electric energy consumption and the maintenance cycle.


2030 Builders is a sustainability engagement platform that helps companies implement sustainability in organisational culture through employee engagement.


Rungutan is the first Romanian API Load Testing SaaS platform, 100% Serverless, dedicated to SMBs. The platform offers testing services for a site’s traffic load capacity.


Chambr helps learning & development professionals create learning games that increase content retention.


Re:vital is a complete remote patient monitoring solution.


DomoVoice creates culture-relevant figures and a smart speaker for child development.


SalesOmmo builds the technology that enables better sales people and their managers, while reducing intrusion and communication waste.


inSHAPE is the first app that rewards users who work out with real money & perks.


Power DCloud is a fast & low-cost Web3 platform for decentralized full-stack applications.

Dyver helps you with fast eCommerce growth with scalable AI-generated product documentation.


MyLegal helps you digitize and automate legal services.


UpHave is a marketplace for vintage and second-hand fashion shops.


Unde is streamlining the process of organizing and promoting events.


Conta25 is a SaaS platform that allows accountants to optimize their work.


Amygdala Health is a digital health program for chronic heart diseases.

SkillBrain is a focused EdTech company that teaches in-demand IT skills.


ToUtoring is an online academic tutoring marketplace for children, that connects families with a network of talented tutors who can help them achieve their academic potential.

LinkPeak is a tool for creating link-centric pages for marketing purposes.


Senflua is an insurtech startup. Quick, easy-to-use, and digital, available 24/7.


Da Vinci Green Systems provides dynamic systems for greenhouses.


SpotUs is digitalizing the workplace environment – a self-service mobile app for parking or office desk reservations and digital access to the building.


Cat Concierge helps cat owners find diseases in the early stages.

DDDInvoices provides a single API for global e-invoicing compliance.

plus hero

Plus Hero is an interactive app for kids to learn different subjects in the game format by playing different games and winning tokens NFTs.


Allventures is a dynamic trip route planner – a new dimension of traveling with curiosity, excitement, and friends.


Equinox AI is an algorithmic market-making firm active in cryptocurrency derivative markets.

_NFGrapevine_Logo_3D (1)

NFGrapevine connects wine lovers & makers by adapting new technologies including NFTs.

Citydock logo stroked

CityDock aims to transform the micro-mobility industry with the most adaptable, reliable, secure, efficient, and future-ready product.


IdeaBuddy is an innovative business planning platform that is trying to change the way how business ideas are planned and executed.

Void Ship

VoidShip is an aerospace start-up that aims to redefine accessibility through orbital launches for reduced payload owners.


2Value is an all-in-one tool for communication, promotion and development for SMEs, entrepreneurs, managers and specialists.


Logezy Staff Management Software is a cloud-based solution that keeps every part of the recruitment, staffing, and employee administration process connected.


CPV Lab is a marketing tracker that helps marketers track, test, optimize and control all their marketing campaigns from one single place.


Polymore helps waste-collecting companies unlock data for improving the purity and economic value of collected waste, through route monitoring.


MOD Stylist is an app that combines personal styling and shopping, providing women the answer for a bolder personal image in their day-to-day lives.


BrAIght Technologies provides an AI Behavioral Prediction Software serving the financial sector that enables our clients to decrease credit risk and gain deeper insights into their customers’ behavior based on the internet activity of individuals.


Woof Diet is the first all-in-one service for personalized dog nutrition based on AI.


Giants is building a Web3 social game (metaverse) governed and owned by the community.


Ufubo keeps digital & physical data private and safe. If you stop confirming your account, your assets will be distributed to your relatives.


Morpehus is an identity-proofing plugin that allows companies to be sure of their users and make onboarding in >30 sec.


Pythia analyzes open-source data, such as news and social media networks, to help public or private actors understand their social fingerprints, using state-of-the-art AI and statistical physics algorithms.

logo bit&r

Bit&R is an online coding platform for kids aged 8-14 where they can learn programming by repairing, building and sharing their own games, self-paced at home.


Guardian Angel addresses health issues for vulnerable people (elders, children, disabled, chronic diseases) with the help of technology. provides a network of smart and secure bike shelters that can be monitored and accessed through a mobile app.


platerQ solves three problems: long waiting time for receiving the bill in restaurants, bill splitting when eating out in groups and the high level of fraud in restaurants.

SMSO is an omnichannel communication platform for businesses. 

Logo Volvero extended_png

Volvero is an app for vehicle sharing. Through our service, private owners and businesses can recover ownership costs.

PocketIP is a one-stop-shop web service for managing Intellectual property (IP) rights objects worldwide from one online account


DriverUp is a transport management system focusing on road freight transport SMEs.

stock_estate- democratizes real estate investing.


FoodObox is the no. 1 app against food waste in Bulgaria.


Freya Recruiting is the talent acquisition manager for Seed and Series A startups.


Lightpass offers universities and training providers a credential management platform to communicate and exchange documents with their students in a simple, compliant and secure way.


Silverbacks is an AI-powered marketplace that matches teams with clients.


iCamin is a web (cross-platform) application built for smart managing nursing homes.


Carbony is the most transparent carbon removal solution.

infinity toy box

Infinity Toy Box is a service for renting toys, books and games. 

Sales Time

SalesTime is a dynamic technology company that develops a platform for manufacturers and distributors of technical products.


APASS is a tool for the blind that can make life easier for typical people.

ONE learning

ONE Learning is the parents and kids’ partner when it comes to playing – for developing essential skills for the future.

eeco logo

eEco is an aggregator for sustainable solutions.

epic hooks

Epic Hooks helps you learn with flashcards customized to your goals, level, and learning type.


Consulto streamlines interactions in the medical field.


Careshaper supports organizing a network of care around mental health patients while facilitating access to a multinational network of complementary care professions.

360 panorama

360 panorama creates customized virtual tours for real estate, hotels, universities, conference rooms, etc.


Is4Heart increasd longevity and quality of life of patients with cardiac failure through the development of an innovative system for cardiac assistance.

Cityradar is the platform for public and private transportation.


Fujix Optimization is an SEO agency that helps businesses reach their maximum potential of organic traffic.

ziora logo negru

Ziora is an online reservation management & online promo for beauty salons, medical and sports venues.

aim verified

AIm Verified provides blockchain technology for the agri-food sector.

Gigzz is a marketplace matching those interested to hire occasional laborers with those open to make a quick gain by working odd gigs.


Iesi la joaca is a marketplace for events, courses and activities dedicated to kids.


Voce autentica brings together psychologists, trainers and professional actors for helping people express themselves freely and creatively.


Upfront helps you match only with people inside the club you are in.


Elpida Digital Plant is an advanced VMP plant vaccine tested with 40 producers of apples.


Alertto is a surveillance solution for security companies and companies in general.


LiteApp is a marketplace for fast online appointments.

Investments: 200 000 Euro


Caminota provides natural clay plasters that can be applied both to new constructions and to old buildings and historical monuments.


Lab7 is a startup aiming to help people develop life-long healthy habits. For that, Kim was created, a smart seat pad that acts as a personal sitting coach for any office worker.


InnoVR is an augmented and Virtual Reality platform for psychologists and psychotherapists.

Verde is a marketplace that facilitates the continuous supply of restaurants with fresh ingredients, without storage, directly from local farms and local producers.

EV SPOTS_Logo 2021_main orizontal

EVSpots is the app for the 1st network of fast-charging EV stations 100% solar-powered.

Signal-Sigma-logo-white-9 (1)

Signal Sigma provides investment professionals with cutting-edge quant research.


SpeeRead is a platform for optimized rapid reading.

Qualas helps you define your tracking, send to Jira and monitor implementation, all without ever leaving Figma!


Estiverde is an eco-friendly shop.

Auttie App

Auttie App is the first tool that empowers the parents of children with ASD or learning difficulties to continue specialized therapy at home. It uses technologies like augmented reality with 3D objects and text-to-speech algorithms, making the exercises fun and easy to follow.


Magazin Zero Waste is a store that offers plastic-free, package-free and vegan shop for ethical consumption.


WasteBill is a software for waste management, by which a company is aligned with the legal requirements in the field of waste records. 


Motum is a MaaS application that works as an integrator of data sources in Bucharest and stimulates drivers to use alternative means of transport through rewards and gamification systems.


EVconnect is one of the first developers in Romania of a network of charging stations for electric cars. It offers charging solutions for electric cars and software for the management of remote stations.


3PM is a blended learning app for in-class training and mobile micro-learning. It’s a web app for trainers to fill in the content and a mobile app for trainees to access it.


Maponia is a user-generated content app dedicated to professional drivers in transit through Europe.

Date a startup

Date a Startup is an educational platform that hacks the ways young people start their careers and the way companies act towards millennials.


OFriends is an app on which users have the opportunity to post specific needs/problems on a daily basis and other users have the chance to help them in order to make an extra income.


Listabit is “the Pinterest for webshop products or your global wishlist”.


Bio Beauty Box is an online platform for bio beauty lovers and healthy lifestyle adopters.

Marketio is an “interior design assistant” app that helps you choose home decor products that fit with things you already have at home.


Batonash nutritive bars, with natural ingredients like seeds, nuts, oats, fruits and honey.


Magistri is an online platform showcasing learning experiences and trainers’ profiles, so companies can access and book them for in-class training.

city bpm logo

CityBpm private planner notifies and confirms appointments automatically via 2-way SMS, with zero additional SMS costs.

upstain is a CSR platform that connects the ONGs to the corporations and gives the opportunity to the employees to donate as they wish, and the raised funds can then be directed to the causes of their choice.

post muse color

Post Muse is an Instagram Story maker with design templates.


Avoteca is an online marketplace and collaborative platform for lawyers with profiles, chat features and real reviews.


Wello is a platform for parents and children to challenge each other in physical activities, cooking activities, to learn more about nutrition and a healthy lifestyle based.


idCloud is an online platform for the management of vehicle registration document preparation offices.

insidAR - logo_2_hor

InsidAR helps you locate yourself in a previously scanned, indoor setting, using just your mobile camera and no other external assets, based on computer vision solutions.


Jumpi is a mobile application where you can join a group for doing the activities you like: sports, going out, visiting the city, etc.


Proova is a platform that helps managers of a community of shared spaces (co-living, coworking, community builders) to assess members’ personalities and needs, in order to create the most satisfying/meaningful community life.


Flamingo is a food pre-order app. Our app reduces to the minimum the inefficient time spent on the restaurant and offers control of the experience to the consumer.


Poloniq is a web and mobile platform dedicated to restaurants, cafes and bars that integrates reservations, a digital menu and an ordering module all in one place.


23h Events is a marketplace for wedding industry 


My11 is a platform that can increase the level of fan engagement with football clubs from all over the world and give fans the chance to put themselves in the coach’s shoes.


Cold Brew Coffee produces cold brew coffee.


Everjob is a platform that matches candidates with employers.


TalkTheTalk is the place to meet for face-to-face conversations.


Tembo CAFÉ is a child-centric community coffee shop for parents.


FlowDone is an app that is targeting students and adults who struggle with lack of will yet would like to get motivated in doing things like studying or working out.


Bookups is a global platform that enables people to come together in real life to share their thoughts, ideas, knowledge and experience on a specific topic.


Point is an app that will simplify the management of documents in the architecture offices, making communication with the clients easier.


Mediqualia is an online medical assistant that helps you find the most suitable doctor very quickly, 24/7 .

demetra plant

Demetra Plant is a startup in the tea & coffee industry, with the mission to offer the customers organic tea made from herbs, spices and large pieces of fruits without preservatives and colorants.


Hire Up is a crowdsourced hiring platform for professionals recommending other professionals.


Nutritivo is a mobile app that helps you find healthy food in the place you are in.


MessengerOS enables your platform to send emails using different email delivery providers at the same time.

Metal-projects is a marketplace for on-demand manufacturing.

Vital 5G

Vital 5G is an IoT platform for transport and logistics – an experimentation platform & open online repository 5G-testbeds.


Kozy is an all-in-one platform for all your home needs. 

Spot the fire

Spot the Fire is a device that detects vegetation or forest fires in the vicinity of homes and shows in real time on the platform their active places and their size.

The Perminator

The Perminator is an application through which users can create a food forest design.

Sera Aquaponica

Sera Aquaponica proposes a system by which fish provide fertilizer to plants, which then cleans the water by pumping it back to the fish.


Dawal is a data warehouse – core component for Business Intelligence solutions. DAWAL offers its clients centralized and structured legal and financial information about their partners in real-time.


ChatOrder is a bot that allows you to order food directly from Facebook Messenger with no extra apps and within a few steps.


IMVEPE is a Cloud-based mobile app builder software that allows users with no programming skills, to build Android & iOS applications at a fraction of the time and cost incurred otherwise.


TATU is a startup offering premium office products, using luxury raw materials. The star product will be the leather-coated agenda.

Smart Rides

Smart Rides is a carpooling app that helps co-workers from any company, any size, and any place, to connect with their peers as they commute to work by car.


OurCity is an app that connects tourists with local, verified suppliers, in order to provide authentic local experiences & to help local businesses to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic’s economic impact


Impakt20 is a gamified platform that gives the power to have a positive impact anywhere in the world with just the click of a button.


Picto is a mobile app that allows tourists, families and social media aficionados to book instant photoshoots at affordable prices, with instant results.


ioTEC creates custom firmware with improved security for network devices (routers, switches).

From A to Z

From A to Z is an app to help you keep track of the food you have in your kitchen and prepare meals with the ingredients you own at the time. This way, you will prevent food waste.


CodersEden is a marketplace for designers and developers.

Neex Life

Neex Life helps companies offer their employees professional nutritional services through certified nutritionists.


Identive is a blockchain-based SAAS built to fight intellectual theft, counterfeit and track royalties in the Fashion industry.


Etiquette is a bakery assistant application to help bakeries and cookie shops ease some of their tasks like product and stock management, label and various documents printing and invoicing + receipt generation.

Atelierul pentru animăluțe

Atelierul pentru animăluțe tailored comfortable clothes that fit all pet sizes.

Living Robotics

Living Robotics aims to provide cheap medical robotics solutions for patients with amputations or partial paralysis focusing to obtain the best performance/price ratio.


Bioconversia deals with the transformation of organic by-products that pollute into proteins through insects.

Caserole comestibile

Caserole comestibile produces 100% eidable and biodegradable food packaging.