The Speakers in the Entrepreneurship Track by Rubik | Suceava, October 20

The entrepreneurial ecosystem of Northeast Romania is expanding at a very fast pace. Increasingly more wannabe entrepreneurs and enthusiastic millennials are looking to break through the startup world with ideas, MVPs, and products that go beyond the conventional. Rubik Hub’s bold initiative to help the region “connect, inspire, educate, and empower entrepreneurs to build successful startups” reaches Suceava this fall, where we will be powering the Entrepreneurship Track at Codecamp Romania.

The “Journey of a Startup” is a new concept that looks to educate the regional entrepreneurial community with insightful talks from some of the most successful startup founders in the Northeast region. Let’s meet the speakers that will tell you all about the “what, how, why and who” of building a startup from the ground up.

Calin Spiridon

Creative thinker, passionate since forever about marketing and branding, Calin dedicates most of his time to his personal project – EduMatch“I give my best to develop my entrepreneurial side in order to bring something extra into today’s educational system, and help all students overcome one of their greatest needs – choosing a field in their own right.” At the Entrepreneurship Track, Calin will cover an interactive talk on the most important aspects from the life of a startup. What do you need to do to strengthen your idea, chase your mission & vision and improve your team?

Lucian Cramba

With a strong entrepreneurial spirit, co-Founder & COO at use-beez.comLucian Cramba, will be joining the Entrepreneurship Track at Codecamp Suceava to talk about what you need to do to transform an idea into a viable business. During the session, he’ll also cover a talk about testing, validation, making mistakes and learning from them in order to have viable success chances in entrepreneurship.

Mircea Taune

How do you do business and how important it is to have a strong, devoted team by your side? Whether you like it or not, there’s no “i” in startup; there’s only ‘we”. Mircea Taune, CEO at Sigma AppDev, will cover a talk on all things related to the importance of gathering reliable people on your team to help with product development and defining your MVP.

Delian Coroama

Full-time entrepreneur and founder at WebmagnatDelian Coroama joins the Entrepreneurship Track to ask you all “ Why did you choose to become an entrepreneur?” There has to be a story behind your decision to join the startup world. And this is your chance to share it. Join us for this “Why” session to find out valuable insights about the motivation behind some of our speakers who took that leap of faith in entrepreneurship, too.

Ramona Vinca

With over 10 years of experience in entrepreneurship, general manager at Vinca Marmura GranitRamona Moncea Vinca manages a team of 50 passionate people. In her spare time she manages a vlog through which she tries to explain the complexity of the domain she activates in. At the Entrepreneurship track, Ramon will talks about buyer personas and customer development. Before you can transform an idea into a business, you need to make sure that there’s an audience for your MVP; and that MVP solves an actual pain point. The more you focus on understanding your ideal customer, the better chances you have to improve your product/service.

This fall’s edition of Codecamp Suceava will be held at Stefan Cel Mare University. Make sure to register HERE. See you all at the Entrepreneurship Track powered by Rubik Hub!

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