Exhibit Your Startup at Startup Alley

Exhibit Your Startup at Startup Alley by Rubik Hub| October 27 |Codecamp Iasi


The Startup Alley program came up after we realized the tremendous entrepreneurial potential of the North-East region. Youth and tech people are uniquely qualified for entrepreneurship because they’re bolder and more determined than previous generations. Therefore we’ve decided to give everyone a fair chance at business success. At Rubik Hub, our mission is to build a community where people can connect and get access to mentorship and education in order to thrive in today’s cut-throat startup world.

We’ve been mentoring both local and national startups for nearly 2 years, and right now we’re organising Startup Alley to give everyone a chance to get noticed. Building a startup from the ground up is easier said than done. But you have to start someplace if you want increase awareness and establish a brand identity. It’s time to take a risk and put yourself out there.

Book a spot on the Startup Alley: startups unveiling their solution

Whether you’re looking for funding, investment, or media attention for your recently-launched product, Startup Alley by Rubik helps put your business model in context. Join us on October 27 at Codecamp Iasi and you’ll have the chance to connect with like-minded people and industry experts eager to listen to what you have to share.

We’re looking for entrepreneurs with a unique vision and clearly-defined concepts and ideas. Everyone is welcomed to apply, but we have to be honest. We love pioneering business models active in industries like HealthTech, AI, Education, FinTech, Security, Gamification, retail, and IoT.

What will happen at Startup Alley?

Startup Alley is aimed at early-stage startups with services or/and product to show to the audience. Moderated by Rubik Hub Team, the event is looking to help aspiring entrepreneurs get their questions answered, connect with potential partners and clients, and receive constructive feedback that could help strengthen their business model.

To attend Startup Alley on October 27 at Codecamp Iasi, you’ll have to sign up HERE. We’ll have a closer look at your application and then we’ll assign a stand-alone booth where you can present your startup and product in front of all attendees.

Do you have a startup that you’re ready to present to the world?

Exhibit or launch your startup with Rubik Hub, at Startup Alley!



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