Rubik Garage | Batch 2 – Meet the mentors!

There is less than one month left for you to apply for the second batch of our pre-acceleration program, Rubik Garage!

So far, you head the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the structure of the program, to find out about the events we are planning for this edition, to learn from others’ challenges and even to meet the organizing team at The Startup Demo Hours to discuss the concept and find the motivation!

Still, you know nothing about the mentors yet! Perhaps you got an idea from the article we published last year, where we presented the 1st edition’s mentors. But it’s our pleasure to put them into the spotlight for you! That being said, here they are: believers, doers, thinkers, over-achievers, mentors that are ready to give back!

Cornel Amariei

Inventor,  Entrepreneur

Superpower: Inspiring and motivating people to go out of their comfort zone. Public speaking.

Tudor Goicea

CTO @TypingDNA

Superpower: Pioneering behavioral biometrics

Mihai Cepoi

CEO @Jobful

Superpower: predicting hapiness for employees & employers

Radu Grigore

Business Analyst @Anais Digital

Superpower: Highlighting the challenges in a business and finding proper solutions!

Sebastian Gabor

Founder & CEO @Digitail

Superpower: Finding the right solutions to innovate and to perform!

Liz Stefan

Co-Founder & CEO @Nifty Learning

Superpower: Fixing ILT management and L&D data visualization

Ionut Munteanu

CEO @Eventya

Superpower: Work hard to make a difference!

Razvan Craciunescu

Lecturer @UPB

Superpower: Building innovation

Adrian Trefas

Cofounder @UX Rocks

Superpower: Making delightful experiences for new and existing digital products!

Oana Blaga

Cofounder @UX Rocks

Superpower: Asking why, UX research and product validation. Living the UX dream!

Dan Gramada

Co-founder & Product Designer @UX.Rocks

Superpower: Transforming ideas into products by working within cross-functional teams!

Mihai Alexandru Balea

Co-Founder @UX.Rocks

Superpower: I believe in the power of communities and that together we can design a better future!

Mihai Cosmin Rotaru

Founder & CEO Neobility

Superpower: building the future of urban mobility!

Florian Gheorghe


Superpower: Creating value with minimum resources and capital!

Stay tuned, more to come!

And if you haven’t registered yet, you still have time to do it:

Rubik Garage is a program powered by Rubik Hub and supported by Orange!