Rubik Hub powers this year’s entrepreneurship track at Codecamp Iasi | October 27

Join us, on October 27, at Codecamp Iasi. Rubik Hub will be hosting the Entrepreneurship Track, and we plan to make it the best so far. For this year’s edition, we’ve decided to take things to the next level with a new concept focused on a startup’s journey and the steps involved to achieve success; starting from identifying problems and solutions all the way to scaling up and exiting.

We’ll be focusing on the most important aspects from the life of a startup, as well as on what needs to be done to strengthen your idea, chase your mission & vision, improve your team, and more. During the Entrepreneurship Track, well-known founders and successful entrepreneurs will share their take on the main stages one needs to consider in order to go from idea creation to scale-up.

Startup journey – Successful startup development stages

  • Idea generation
  • Problem + Solution
  • Mission, vision & core values
  • Team
  • MVP
  • Validation (it’s time to get out of your comfort zone and put your MVP to the test)
  • Growth
  • Scale-up


Reinventing startup funding

Another heavily discussed topic during the Entrepreneurship Track will be startup funding. We will talk about funding methods for startups that go beyond the conventional. How much do you know about acceleration programs? Join us on October 27 to find our more about:

  • Acceleration opportunities
  • Angel investor funding
  • Crowdfunding
  • ICO funding


Reinventing startup education

Because we want to make this edition of Codecamp Iasi a memorable one, we’ve prepared a special track that will focus entirely on entrepreneurial education. For your startup to succeed, it needs to be educated. Both you – the founder – and your team must be open to accepting feedback, whether good or bad, in order to improve, move a step further and have realistic chances of climbing up the success ladder in entrepreneurship.

This is where Rubik Hub will enter the scene. Join us for an open talk with the Rubik mentors and startup founders who have dared to take a risk. We’ll engage in the most interactive conversations with aspiring entrepreneurs that have participated in Rubik Hub’s programs, including Square1 Bootcamp, Startup School, and Office Hours.  During the track we’ll introduce our newest program, Startup Spinner Makeathon, a 3-day experience for speeding up your startup; which will take place at Rubik Hub between November 23-25. Stay tuned for more info!

Last but not least, in the same day we will organise Startup Alley, a place where you can exhibit, visit or launch a Startup with an audience of over 2000 participants from Tech & IT sectors. Sign up with your startup here:


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  1. September 17, 2018

    Uhuuu! Very nice!
    There is nothing about product market fit around there.
    I know it can be fit into validation but is not the same.

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