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An all-in-one community for startups

Rubik Hub is a community-based ecosystem where wanna-be entrepreneurs and early-stage startups join to connect and share ideas with like-minded people. Powered by ADR North-East, the Rubik Hub mission is to help people reach their goals by transforming concepts into scalable businesses. With startups at the heart of today’s economic development, Rubik Hub aims to gather entrepreneurs from the NE region and beyond to spread the word on the importance of seeking advice to validate ideas.

Located in the center of North-East Romania, we welcome digital nomads, freelancers, startup founders, and independent entrepreneurs to join our all-in-one space and benefit from a variety of services. From inspiring co-working areas to creative event rooms, Rubik Hub your go-to community for meeting people with brilliant ideas.  


The Rubik Hub vision & mission

The Rubik Hub story began once we realized how much potential our North East region was hiding. We looked beyond the surface and sensed that local entrepreneurial communities can drive genuine global growth. Soon enough, our dream became bigger than the dreamers. Before we could even realize, it morphed into the mission of a couple of local entrepreneurs to build a close-knit community for digital nomads, wanna-be entrepreneurs, and startup founders in dire need of help to scale ideas.

The Rubik Hub mission and vision is to help people reach the best version of themselves through education, guidance, and intensive learning workshops. Why give before you get? Because we believe altruism and selflessness are the salt and pepper of business success. In order to fulfill our mission and truly make North-East Romania become a high-valued entrepreneurial hub, the people at Rubik Hub are committed to educating and empowering everyone to get out of their comfort zones.


An all-in-one community for startups

Rubik Hub strengthens the idea of an active community, where people collaborate and share innovative ideas. Nowadays, what matters the most for business success is become surrounded by people from whom one can learn and get inspired. Having a community spirit shapes you as an individual, but also as a future entrepreneur.  The benefits of a co-working space for startups go beyond financial convenience. At Rubik Hub, you enter an active space where people meet other people with common perspective and similar objectives.

Working in an open space encourages collaboration. Everyone can pitch in with ideas, learn from each other, socialize and develop new business concepts. A flexible, tech-friendly work environment helps startup founders develop leadership abilities, not to mention that a schedule that was once chaotic becomes more focused and organized.


Building successful startups one idea at the time

Since inception, Rubik Hub has been focused on transforming ideas into scalable business models.  In only 12 months, the community has grown into an entrepreneurial ecosystem with 45+ mentors, 65+ startups, 450+ students trained, and over 10 successfully completed startup projects. Among several of  the most successful initiatives and programs of Rubik Hub’s, we mention:

Initiated in the spring of 2018, RubikEDU is an entrepreneurial program exclusively dedicated to students with an entrepreneurial spirit. Experts and startup founders from the Rubik Hub community and beyond have joined RubikEDU to share their insights, provide guidance, and help students take their first step in building a business from the ground up.

The first module presented in 5 of the most important universities across the North East region was an initiation program in entrepreneurship, and it included 3 core workshops with experience entrepreneurs: How do you come up with the best business idea, Who are the people behind a startup, and How to build a product that your clients will love.  

Dedicated exclusively to innovative business ideas and ingenious startups, on May 28 Rubik Hub organized Romania’s First Startup Fair. The program was an opportunity for startup founders to pitch and valide their  ideas, as well as connect with potential investors, mentors and partners. Over 25 startups from the North East region signed up to prove their MVPs had viable chances to succeed, including SigmaApp, WoodBike, idCloud, ConnectElle, and Mobbit.  

Startup Alley will take place @ Codecamp Iași – the biggest IT conference in Romania. The Startup can Exhibit and Launch their products with thousands of people visiting them. Whether you’re looking for funding, a new career, your new co-founder or investment, or you want media attention for just launched product or service, Startup Alley by Rubik offers the safe space and context to connect with the right and like minded people.

Office Hours by Rubik was created from the dire need to help startups get out of their comfort zone and overcome the challenges that come with building a new business. The program was targeted at founders looking for guidance, mentorship, and advice on improving ideas and seeking further advice from the community to take their business to the next level. With Office Hours by Rubik, founders had the opportunity to reserve a session with a mentor and ask for feedback, validate ideas, and improve perspectives.

Following RubikEDU, Rubik Hub launched Square1 Bootcamp, the first practical entrepreneurial program in the Northeast region targeted at wannabe entrepreneurs. The 3-day program included a series of workshops, training sessions, and mentorships hours within the Rubik Hub community. The end goal was to help founders go from business idea to execution. Square1 Bootcamp 2nd edition will be organized in Iași on 12-14 october 2018.

  • Startup SPINNER Makeathon

In late November 2018, Rubik Hub and TBNR Accelerator will launch the next step for a founders team in the Startup Journey. Including prizes and international mentors the Spinner Makeathon will create the safe space and the context where they will validate and grow their Startup.

  • Community Meetups

We host and organise Community Meetups in whole North-East of Romania Region. Rubik Hub is a community of Communities and we are gathering together people with same mission, same skills, same values or same community. We have seen real impact after the Community Meetups with focus on HealthTech, Crypto & Blockchain, AI, Startup Founders, SkillShare and TechMinds.  The #GiveBeforeYouGet principle is seen in every speaker, participant or guest from the community that gives and receives advice, inspiration, motivation, knowledge and empowering.

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