We are in this together!

They say “in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity” and even though it might be difficult to see the opportunity yet, we strongly believe that when we stick together, we become better and stronger.

So dear community, #YouAreNotAlone & #WeAreInThisTogether!

The startup ecosystem shouldn’t stop now, on a contrary, we really believe the solutions will come from this environment.

We gathered for you some infos from what we think are reliable sources, to keep you informed and help you see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Virtual conference we recommend

COVID-19: The State & Future of Pandemics hosted by Singularity University

3 days of live streamed content from Singularity University’s community of global experts on COVID-19, the current challenges and solutions, and future impact on our health, business, government, and communities. 

“Our goal is to bring you the facts about this global health challenge and to give you practical information and tools to keep you healthy and prepared for what might come.”

Info sources we’ve appreciated

Coronavirus, synchronous failure and the global phase-shift

Coronavirus: Why You Must Act Now

Bulgarian Biotech Startup Micar21 Has Discovered A New Drug Molecule And Is One Step Closer To Developing COVID-19 Treatment

Covid-19 Technology Solutions Scan

Means to get involved

Code for Romania Task Force unites online!

Applications welcome from startups and SMEs with innovative solutions to tackle Coronavirus outbreak


VentilateTM – a Timisoara tech community initiative aiming to design and deploy an open source ventilator to serve as an alternative solution during the COVID19 outbreak.

Big hugs and stay safe!

Rubik Hub team