Meet the startups. Rubik Garage | Batch 2

For the second batch of our pre-accelerating program, we have selected 16 startups to build a journey together during the next 6 months. We will focus on building a personalized roadmap for each team and will track the completion and progress of their goals periodically.

In this batch, we are happy to have startups from all over Romania: 6 from Cluj Napoca, 5 from Iasi, 2 from Bucharest, 1 from Suceava, 1 from Arad and 1 from Timișoara!

Meet the teams

OurCity – is an app that connects tourists with local, verified suppliers, in order to provide authentic local experiences & to help local businesses to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic’s economic impact

Listabit –  is “the Pinterest for webshop products or your global wishlist”;

Bio Beauty Box – is an online platform for bio beauty lovers and healthy lifestyle adopters;

Impakt20 –  is a gamified platform that gives the power to have a positive impact anywhere in the world with just the click of a button;

Picto – is a mobile app that allows tourists, families and social media aficionados to book instant photoshoots at affordable prices, with instant results;

ioTEC – creates custom firmware with improved security for network devices (routers, switches);

Marketio – is an “interior design assistant” app that helps you choose home decor products that fit with things you already have at home;

From A to Z – is an app to help you keep track of the food you have in your kitchen and prepare meals with the ingredients you own at the time. This way, you will prevent food waste;

SITTER.RO – is an online platform that offers all type of care services: babysitting, pet sitting, tutoring, elderly care, housekeeping;

CodersEden – is a marketplace for designers and developers;

Atelierul pentru animăluțe – tailored comfortable clothes that fits all pet sizes;

Identive – is a blockchain-based SAAS built to fight intellectual theft, counterfeit and track royalties in the Fashion industry;

Batonash – nutritive bars, with natural ingredients like seeds, nuts, oats, fruits and honey;

Etiquette – a bakery assistant application to help bakeries and cookie shops ease some of their tasks like the product and stock management, label and various documents printing and invoicing + receipt generation;

Neex Life – to help companies offer their employees professional nutritional services through certified nutritionists;

Smart Rides – a carpooling app to help co-workers from any company, any size, and any place, to connect with their peers as they commute to work by car;

We are excited about this journey and can’t wait to see the final results. Stay tuned for more updates!