Bloomcoding, Rubik Garage alumnus, raises 1mil euro in funding

Bloomcoding, Rubik Garage alumnus, raises 1mil euro in funding

March 1, 2023

Last week, Bloomcoding, part of the Rubik Garage accelerator 2022 cohort, announced its 1 million euro investment round. The Moldovan ed-tech company teaching children to code via an online after-school platform using AR and VR technologies was trusted by 3 VCs: Prague-based Credo Ventures, Warsaw-based Inovo VC, and Kyiv-based

Valentin, our colleague in charge of the Rubik Garage accelerator, tells us in short how Emil Chichioi (the co-founder) got to close his investment round.

After being selected from over 120 applications, 10 months ago, Emil Chichioi pitched his startup in front of 80 founders, mentors and investors at the Founders Bootcamp at the start of Rubik Garage Accelerator.

He came to Piatra Neamț, at Rubik Hub, with great confidence, attitude, investment, some traction and a great founder-market fit. His purpose was to connect with advisors, grow his team, learn how to be a better CEO, and scale his startup in order to raise a round in the next 6 to 12 months.

During the accelerator, in the summer of 2022, Emil & Mihaela Kawinska launched in Bulgaria and Poland. They developed the strategy during a weekend in Rubik Hub, taking advantage of the House of Startups perk for Garage founders.
🔎 Scaling checked! ☑

Our focus during the accelerator was to connect founders between them so they would get inspired and accelerate their learning on how to build a startup. For example, I know that the meetings with Sebastian Gabor and with many other mentors from the Rubik Hub community were very inspiring. Sebastian’s startup, Digitail, raised over €11 million.
🔎Learning from founders & mentors checked! ☑

Through the accelerator, all founders had direct access and meetings with more than 15 investors for getting feedback & learning.

In September, Bloomcoding was on the stage at Demo Day in Bucharest, in front of 300 people – founders, investors, mentors, public authorities, researchers, innovators and big companies. The jury formed by Alina Georgescu – Catalyst Romania, Alexandru Bogdan – ROCA X, Razvan Suta – Startup Wise Guys, and Mircea Ghita – SeedBlink decided that Bloomcoding should be awarded the Best Startup.

Startup journey milestones:
– September – Bloomcoding won the sTARTUp Day, in Estonia
– September – Bloomcoding was in the final 6 startups at How To Web Spotlight
– November – he won the Genesis StartUp Academy together with Meta
– Emil becomes a mentor in our RubikEDU Incubator – #GiveBeforeYouGet

Now, in Feb. of ’23, he raised €1 million to support Bloomcoding’s journey to prepare children for the digital age through coding. 🔎Investment Checked with a big €1M check – ✅ ✅ ✅ & The Recursive are helping a lot by letting the world know!

💡 The founders need to collect perspectives, validate assumptions, connect and raise awareness about their mission and startup, benefit from the learning experiences, ask for and receive feedback to learn and build with the help of the community.

We are really happy for you, Emil!