Applications open in the eight edition of the self-discovery program Rubikigai

Applications open in the eight edition of the self-discovery program Rubikigai

March 7, 2023

Have you ever thought about how would it be to start your own impact business aligned with your values? To help you get the courage and inspiration you need to do so, we opened the applications in the eighth edition of Rubikigai. We created this program around the Japanese concept of Ikigai, which would translate as someone’s reason for being. At the intersection of what you are good at, what you love, what the world needs, and what you can be paid for, you find your own Ikigai. This way, you can live a fulfilled life, do those things that truly matter to you, and bring positive impact both in your personal and professional life.

“It’s an essential program for those who are not sure if they should or should not start their entrepreneurial journey. Rubikigai helps you discover yourself in a relaxed environment, while you get exposed to different perspectives. You also have the support of warm moderators that help you reflect on your life and your WHY.” says Corina, participant in a previous edition.

What will you get during the program?

  • You will discover or get clarity on your vision, mission, and values
  • You will finally get the time to focus on yourself and ask the questions that matter to you, and to think about how your future should look like
  • You will discover tools that help you explore your idea
  • You will learn how to take the firsts steps towards your own impact business
  • You will be inspired by other’s stories
  • You will have the full support of the group

All sessions will be online, between March 29 – April 28, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Apply by March 22 to discover your own Ikigai.