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Pre-accelerator for idea-stage startups in Iași

Starting on March 11th

Until we open applications


Do you have an idea with a tech component and want to turn it into a startup while having the support of a community?

Then RubikEDU pre-accelerator is here to give you the push you need!

About the program

Join us from March 11  to May 25, in our pre-acceleration program made to get you from idea to startup.

Our goal is to help you get clarity and learn how to take your idea to the next level. How? Through a mix of onsite (in Iasi) and online workshops, 1:1 feedback sessions, and private mentoring sessions with experts from our community and our team.

10 weeks of pre-acceleration will culminate in a Demo Day – your chance to pitch your idea to our startup community and find the synergies you need for moving forward.

Are you the right fit?

  • Do you work in a tech field, have an idea for quite some time, but didn’t get the chance to work on it?
  • Have you already been working on an idea you are passionate about and got stuck?
  • Are you a student with a business idea and want to explore how it would be to start on your own entrepreneurial path?
  • Are you working on a research project and discovered an innovative solution that you think has the potential to become a sustainable business?
  • Do you want to connect with mentors who can provide valuable insights and advice?
  • Do you want to create an impact-driven solution that creates positive change?

Then this is the chance you were looking for to get from idea to startup!

Application progress

The first step of the registration is to complete this form by March 11. If you spark our interest, we’ll invite you for a short and relaxed call to learn more about you.

Why a 2-step registration process? Our mission is to help founders build successful global businesses, which takes a lot of hard work and effort from both sides. That’s why all our programs are free of charge, but we’re only looking for those who are truly committed and willing to put in the effort. Plus, in order to ensure a valuable experience for everyone, each batch has limited spots available.

Pre-accelerator structure

RubikEDU 9 structura


Week 1

19.03[in Iași] KickOff & meet the mentors
21.03 – [in Iași] How to Assess Your Idea 

Week 2

26.03[in Iași] Lean Canvas + MVV
28.03 – [in Iași] What is the problem 

Week 3

02.04 – [in Iași] Validation Framework p1
04.04 – [online] Defining Customer Segments 

Week 4

09.04 – [in Iași] Client Discovery & Running Experiments
11.04 – [in Iași] Validation Framework p2 

Week 5

16.04 – [in Iași] Ask Me Anything Session with Startup Founders
18.04 – [in Iași] Business Models – What’s the right one for you 

Week 6

23.04 – [in Iași] Mentor’s feedback
25.04 – [oline] How to Build a Dream Team 

Week 8

07.05 – [in Iași] How to Pitch
09.05 – [in Iași] Sales 

Week 9

14.05 – [online] Legal Tips for Startups
16.05 – [in Iași] Raising Investment for early-stage startups 

Week 10

21.05 – [in Iași] Pitch practice
23.05 – [in Iași] DEMO DAY 


  • Connect with mentors from our community to increase your startup success rate (we have a community of over 200 experts, and you’ll become an alumnus after completing the program)
  • Gain exclusive access to our Iasi Startup Community Meet-ups
  • Visibility in our international startup community and the possibility of promoting your startup
  • Feedback tailored to your needs from our mentors and team
  • Warm intros to investors or relevant ecosystem stakeholders
  • Meet other entrepreneurs, investors, and experts who can help you along the way
  • Fast track into our acceleration program (Rubik Garage)
  • Free tickets to conferences and events relevant to your startup
  • Free-of-charge access to our coworking space from Piatra Neamt
  • Startup support package worth of $150,000 total credits and other perks, freebies and discounts from our partners (Notion, AWS, Miro, HubSpot, SMSO, FREYA Sense)


Claudiu Florea

Claudiu Florea
Creative Strategist | Innovation & Creativity Facilitator


Dr. Ionut Nistor
Director at Center for Innovation and Technological Transfer MAVIS, Iași

The RubikEDU experience through our participants’ eyes

For me, RubikEDU was a program to ground the notions I had heard about in business. The program is very well thought out for those just starting out and also gives exposure to investors which is great, even if the goal is not to get funding just for an idea. RubikEDU’s networking is great, it brings together great people with different experiences and expertise from whom you can learn a lot.

 – Gabriel Vornicu

It was a remarkable learning opportunity; I gained valuable knowledge and developed new skills for business growth. I met passionate individuals, built connections, and formed a small community. I am grateful for this opportunity and confident that this period represents a solid foundation for our startup. 

– Ioana Axinte, founder ONE Learning

For me, RubikEDU has been a journey to reflect on the next steps. We managed to clarify our concept and we met people who changed our perspective. RubikEDU is a true adventure and I recommend it to all those who have an idea but need the courage to speak up, to those who feel they need guidance in their journey, to those who may have questions they can’t find answers to, and to all those who want to have a cool community around them. I tell you that here you will find support, motivation, and inspiration. #WeAreInThisTogether is not just a hashtag.

– Adelina-Elena Ezariu

Last year, I was at Demo Day, but as part of the audience, and that was the moment I resolved to participate in the next edition. RubikEdu is an experience I highly recommend to anyone embarking on their entrepreneurial journey or seeking a new perspective. The narratives shared by the Rubik team, partners, and fellow participants will undoubtedly enrich your journey.

 – Cristian

The RubikEDU programme exceeded all my expectations – from the supportive environment created by the team, learning from the peer network to the insights gained from the mentors and experts – the programme really helped us shaped a go-to-market strategy. In addition to this, taking part in the Demo Day also brought exposure and opened doors and opportunities that otherwise we couldn’t have access to. It was an incredible experience, and I’m grateful for the whole team. #WeAreInThisTogether 

– Ioana Axinte, founder ONE Learning

Massive thanks. I’ve learned in just a few weeks what would have taken me years to test and recalibrate. I appreciated the quality of the presentations, the honesty of the mentors, the 24/7 support, the conversations, the follow-ups, the introductions, and the new connections. Whatever happens next, the experience gained at RubikEDU is something I will always be grateful for.

– Diana Serbanescu

The RubikEDU experience was super cool. I learned a lot, and validated/invalidated a lot of my ideas. I also met very nice and interesting people (Raluca, Ionut and Robert from Rubik Hub, the mentors who held the workshops, and the other participants).

– Alexandru Fuioaga

I am very grateful for this wonderful experience that made me more aware of the potential of my ideas. I think this is my greatest gain. I also made some very important contacts and my only regret is that the program is over.

– Alexandru Pleioșanu

A not-to-be-missed, comprehensive program for any entrepreneur starting out and beyond. RubikEDU is my light in the Death Valley.

– Stefan Niculescu

Why us?

We do know our way around entrepreneurial education. So far, the RubikEDU team has:

    • successfully run 8 editions and over 20 bootcamps for students
    • worked with over 180 participants in their startup journeys, and with over 1500 students
    • had the support of over 90 mentors who have provided guidance to our participants

>> See the last edition

Alumni Highlights

We believe that every step forward is worth a celebration, be that building your first proof-of-concept (POC),

minimum viable product (MVP), or realizing that your original startup idea wasn’t “the one”.

Get inspired by these accomplishments from just a few of our RubikEDU alumni.

We can’t wait to see what amazing things you’ll achieve next!


In 2021, Synaptiq joined our program as a pre-MVP (minimum viable product) startup. Over the next 2 years, they have gained recognition in different acceleration programs, through successful participation in various acceleration programs and winning several pitch competitions. Now, Synaptiq is one of the most promising startups in Romania’s MedTech industry, having raised 250,000 euros.


Alex Pleiosanu, the founder of Is4Heart, has a truly inspiring story. He started his journey with Rubikigai, our self-discovery program, and continued it in RubikEDU. He said the highlight of RubikEDU was discovering the WHY behind his idea of creating an accessible cardiac assist device that could transform the lives of millions of patients.


DriverUp is a transportation management system (TMS) focused on small and medium-sized enterprises in the UK. During our program, in the spring of 2022, they defined their business model. Following this, they fast-tracked into the Rubik Garage accelerator, where they successfully doubled their client base. Currently, they are seeking investment opportunities.


Following graduation from our program in the spring of 2022, Lightpass fast-tracked into our Rubik Garage accelerator. With a new CTO onboard, Lightpass is now focusing on developing a new MVP (minimum viable product) and defining its product-market fit.

ONE Learning

ONE Learning, alumni of the 2022 autumn batch, won the award for Most Promising Startup at the Demo Day and has officially launched their solution.


Laur, the founder of Qualas, started his journey with a vague, technical idea that was difficult to communicate. By the end of the program, he had created a well-defined business plan and even won the pitching competition.

Community Partners

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the application deadline?

You can apply until the 10th of March, 2024. In case you miss this opportunity, keep an eye on our website – here we announce the registration period for the next edition.

Do I have to be part of a team to apply?

You don’t have to be part of a team or have an established company to apply. And the good news is that RubikEDU can be the place where you may find a co-founder or build a team.

We choose people based on their potential and desire to make an impact. It is ideal if you already have a co-founder or are part of a team. In this case, please apply individually and mention the name of the team you are part of.

Do I have to have a startup idea when applying?

Yes – we encourage you to apply if you have an idea and the desire to turn it into a business.

Can I apply if I don't have a tech background?

Yes, about 30% of the participants in each series are people without tech expertise.

Even if you don’t have a tech background, but you are confident in the potential of your idea, we invite you to apply to the program! For us, what matters most is your motivation, not your professional experience.

I have a tech background but no experience in starting a business or setting up a company, can I still apply?

Absolutely – we strongly believe that people with a tech background can be very good founders. The RubikEDU team will work with you to help you understand the mindset of a startup, and the importance of validating an idea or building a customer-centric business. We’ll help you develop the fundamental skills of a founder, step by step.

Can I apply if I already have an established company?

Yes, the structure of the pre-accelerator is also suitable for those who already have a startup business and want to grow it properly. And if you are planning to open a business in the near future or if you are an employee and are interested in increasing your value and getting ahead, RubikEDU could be for you too!

Do I have to pay a fee to apply for the program?

No – participation in the program is free of charge. But we, along with the entire Rubik Hub startup community, are investing significant resources in supporting this batch. So in return, we expect a firm commitment from each participant that they will go through the program in full and actively participate in all individual and group activities. We are aware that this is an intensive program, but we are confident that the results will be worthwhile.

How much time do I have to allocate to participate in the program?

Throughout the program, we will meet 2 times a week for specific workshops. In addition, each participant will benefit from one-to-one mentoring sessions and will be encouraged to spend as much time as possible on the assignments they receive.

Are there any restrictions or preferences as to which idea I will choose to work on during the program?

You probably already have a pretty good idea of the type of target audience we want to reach. We don’t impose any restrictions, and we are open to innovative proposals, but we focus a lot on tech ideas, web/mobile apps, or those products or services that have an impact on the community.
Furthermore, if in a research stage/project, you have discovered an innovative solution that you think can turn into a sustainable business, we encourage you to apply!

Is funding or investment offered at the end of the program?

No – providing funding to participants isn’t the goal of this program. However, you will gain knowledge about various funding sources available for startup founders. During the pre-acceleration period, you will have the opportunity to interact with mentors who are investors and will be provided access to angel investor networks.

Do you need more info?

Let’s grab a virtual coffee and discover together if
RubikEDU could be the missing piece you need to turn your startup dream into reality.

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