[Partnership] Rubik Hub x FREYA Sense

[Partnership] Rubik Hub x FREYA Sense

October 13, 2022

FREYA Sense joins our Rubikorns Startup Community as a partner! 

Each startup in our community can get $2500* credits and use it to:

-> Identify talent and hire with confidence – full-year subscription to Freya Recruiting – the digital Talent Acquisition Manager for Seed & Series A startups

-> Design direct response ads that convert – access to behavioural diagnostics and workshops that will improve your ads performance, reduce budget spending, and increase sales

-> Design persuasive trials and onboarding sequences – access to behavioural data collection; diagnose potential problems and design interventions to increase conversion rates

(*) availability depends on potential impact, based on an initial consultation.

Startup Founders will also get access to workshops on how to: 

>> BUILD A GREAT PRODUCT -> JTBD: Learn how to use the Jobs-to-be-Done methodology to uncover customer insights that will help you design better products and marketing campaigns. 

>> SCALE A GREAT PRODUCT -> GTM (Go-to-Market Strategy): Learn how to figure out the right strategy for scaling your startup. 

>> HELP PEOPLE ADOPT A GREAT PRODUCT -> Sales for Startups: Learn how to figure out the right sales methodology for you and create your first sales playbook.

• Are you part of our Rubikorns community and want to enjoy these perks as well? Drop us a line!

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