Announcing Rubik Garage Accelerator Cohort 6 | Scale to USA Edition

Rubik Garage Accelerator Cohort 6, Scale to USA Edition, has 21 startups

November 28, 2023

We are launching a new cohort in the Rubik Garage – Scale to USA program. Alongside our strategic partners – Fortech Investments, Google for Startups, WIT Angels Club, and AmCham Romania, we have selected 21 startups that already have traction in European markets and will enter a new phase of evolution: acceleration in the USA.

The selected founders come from 7 countries: Romania, Austria, Serbia, United Kingdom, Moldova, Lithuania, Czech Republic and Poland. In total, they have already secured an impressive amount of approximately $30 million in investments.

Startups from Cohort 6 Rubik Garage, Scale to USA edition

SessionsThe communication and collaboration application for more efficient online meetings, consolidating all necessary functionalities in one place

RayscapeA complex digital assistant for radiologists that helps them analyze medical images through artificial intelligence

Bright Spaces The digital solution for commercial space management that facilitates faster space leasing

Nifty Learning – Functions as a command center for professional development within companies

Veruvis – Creates a functional interface between mind and brain, revolutionizing the global neural optimization market through innovation

AI Driven Education (AIDE) – A personalized virtual teacher based on artificial intelligence, adapting the learning experience for each student

FoodFix Tech – It helps you transform food knowledge into a scalable revenue model

Langly – An AI-powered English learning solution for educational institutions and businesses, based on the Oxford model

KOTYS Technologies – Empowers the family farms with AI, enabling them to use fewer resources and achieve higher yields sustainably – Provides an optimized customer experience for retail customers through virtual beings

Spacer – Simplifies cloud deployment for web developers

BEESERS – An app that provides access to the full medical journey from home

Soft Edge – Mobile AI solutions for inspecting hail damage on vehicles

iflows – The platform that digitizes your business and optimizes workflows

Readmio – A digital platform revolutionizing children’s learning using voice recognition

SkillBrain – Online school of IT professors, which facilitates learning and offers support for obtaining a new job

Artivive – An app hosting a community of over 280,000 artists, facilitating the transition of artistic creations to the digital realm through augmented reality

Knolyx – A tool facilitating continuous learning through an AI-driven individual training plan based on company and employee data

CodeWell  – Digital Employee Factory – A platform with digital employees that automates processes, increases conversions and reduces operational costs

Atfield – A tool for viticulture with state-of-the-art climate sensors to help sustainable and climate-resilient viticulture development

VAUNT – A platform that simplifies the process of buying and selling international properties

The accelerator program is a strategic springboard for the 21 startups, providing them with the resources, knowledge and connections necessary to face the challenges specific to the American business environment and succeed there. The program includes a 10-day immersion on-site experience in Silicon Valley and Austin, Texas, during which there will be meetings with American investors and partners, two Demo Days and numerous 1:1 sessions. Moreover, the startups also have the opportunity to get an investment of 100,000 euros from Fortech Investments, if it aligns with their portfolio.

Organized by Rubik Hub / North-East Regional Development Agency, Rubik Garage has so far supported over 100 startups with founders from over 30 countries throughout the 5 editions. This edition had an acceptance rate of 21%.