[Partnership] Rubik Hub x GoGlobal World

[Partnership] Rubik Hub x GoGlobal World

May 1, 2024

We’re happy to officially announce that we partnered up with GoGlobal World.

Here is the demo video for startups:


What else GoGlobal can offer:

  1. 20% discount for subscriptions. Want to promo code? Send us a message.
  2. They also help startups with incorporation, tax filing, and accounting in the US, and they can offer a 10% discount for these services. Here are more details https://old.goglobal.world/services. If you are interested in incorporation, tax and accounting services, you can reach out to Anna or to [email protected] and mention being Rubikhub alumni.


• Are you part of our Rubikorns community and want to get the discount? Drop us a line at [email protected]!

• Would you like to join our community? Check our programs.