[Partnership] Rubik Hub x 2value

[Partnership] Rubik Hub x 2value

December 21, 2022

We’re happy to officially announce our partnership with 2value! All the members of our community get a 10% discount on the standard fees for all 2value communication packages. 

You own a tech SME that you would like to promote in the media and are not quite sure what to communicate or worry about the costs associated with it. Or the lack of experience and time makes you postpone this. Plus, you want to grow your business, expand your team and need to get as much attention from potential investors but haven’t really found the best angles of approach. What do you do?

It’s super easy now: 2value – the world’s first PR Virtual Assistant is here to help, in just a few clicks.

In a single app, available on mobile as well as desktop, you get consultancy on how to pick your topics, support in editing and publishing of press releases with the help of a community of experienced journalists.

All you need to do is activate an account and start building the press release by filling in the templates available in the app. The content will be edited and resent to you for approval. Once you approve it, it gets sent out to a network of 2,000+ journalists, bloggers, and relevant publications, and they guarantee at least 3 media appearances.

Since they know visibility, alongside credibility, are the ingredients for success, they encourage you to communicate on a monthly basis in order to build a stronger brand, attract better-informed customers and generate more sales.

Check out more info here: 2value.ro and start using the 2value app today!

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