Vlad Gliga


He’s the guilty guy! The one that dared to dream big and exceeded anyones’ expectations. He started from a strong emotion, one that had to do with homesickness during his years abroad. He was impressed by what he felt and experienced in the US and Denmark and he knew he could be part of the improvement back home.
He started pitching to authorities and investors a science fiction project for the time: a business incubator. Although most of the reactions he produced were of… intrigue, he was stubborn enough to continue pitching up until he met the right person at the right time. And that was the moment when Rubik Hub started to take shape.
He added a few contagiously dedicated people, some investments from regional believers, a lot of hope, strategy aaaand… that was it! We now talk about a Rubik Hub Community, about ambitious educational projects for startups, about involved mentors and curious investors! We talk about a dream come true!
Meanwhile Vlad is a happy husband and father of 2 jolly kids, a books & bike addict, a curious novelty seeker and definitely a person that has a special relationship with the guy above! ☺

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