Business Angels Accelerator


Workshop: Become a Business Angel, the Silicon Valley way

👉 Program overview
Rubik Hub, in collaboration with Paul Kallmes, a start-up adviser, mentor and investor in Silicon Valley, brings you the Business Angel Accelerator Workshop, an immersion in the current topics and modern techniques of investing in early-stage companies. This program will teach anyone who wants to be part of the modern tech ecosystem how they can participate and make meaningful contributions to the Romanian start-up scene. The Business Angel Accelerator Workshop is a one-day, highly interactive event that focuses on sharing essential information and know-how with people who want to contribute to the growth of early-stage ventures in the Romanian startup ecosystem.

At the end of the program, participants will have a much deeper understanding of the angel investing process and how they can participate. They will understand how to assess an early-stage company, the role they can play over time as investors and advisors, and the big picture of investing in startups. You don’t need to be wealthy to be an angel investor – anyone with capital to invest and a desire to be an active and valuable contributor to the Romanian start-up ecosystem should attend this course.

👉Topics to be discussed
This workshop is tailored to the expectations of the participants and the members of Rubik Hub community, and is aligned to international topics and trends for startup Business Angels.
The topics below address the relevant aspects of a start-up and create a framework for the assessment of early-stage entities, and there are other considerations that will be covered in the session.

☑️ What are Angel Investors and how do they work with start-ups?
☑️ Startup Management Considerations
☑️ Team Structure and Functions
☑️ Technology and Products
☑️ Sales Marketing & Distribution
☑️ Intellectual Property
☑️ Business Models
☑️ Legal & Regulations/Corporate Governance
☑️ Term sheets and Investment Structure
☑️ Growth, Exits, Return on Investment
☑️ Due Diligence and Making an Investment Decision

Business Angels Accelerator Workshop welcomes anyone who wants to become a stakeholder in Romania’s startup ecosystem or wants to deepen their knowledge about investing in startups in a specific context.

In addition to enhancing Romanian Business Angel activity and funding available for startups, we want to create:
☑️ Customized training in early-stage investing
☑️ Hands-on experience with angel investing processes
☑️ Deep involvement and learning about potential investments
☑️ Networks and connections to Silicon Valley and San Francisco
☑️ On-going support for current and future members in the Business Angel community
☑️ Inclusion in world-wide networks of opportunities and resources

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