B2B Marketing Crash Course – From start-up to scale-up

B2B Marketing Crash Course – From start-up to scale-up

March 30, 2023

Are you the founder/CEO of a B2B startup? This online crash course on marketing insights for getting from start-up to scale-up is for you. 

Join us on April 6th, from 2 PM (EET), in a 2-hour session on B2B marketing, held by Ioana Serban, founder of TechMarketers.io, fractional CMO for B2B startups, ex-VP of marketing Fintech OS.

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*Please keep in mind that we have limited e-seats, and we will select a handful of participants. Members of the Rubik Hub community have priority in attending it.

Topics we’ll be tackling:

  • Marketing strategy for B2B startups – with realistic goals and objectives
  • Building the right marketing team as you grow. Marketing roles and functions explained
  • Sales and marketing alignment and interloc
  • How to generate demand (PLG vs SLG, the growth hacking and guerilla marketing myths vs reality)
  • Essential Martech and RevOps tools, nice to have gimmicks, AI tools, etc. for B2B startups

About Ioana Serban

Ioana brings to the table over 15+ years of experience in technology marketing, having worked mostly with and for B2B start-ups and scale-ups. She acted as Marketing Lead for international B2B tech companies (her last role was VP of Marketing at FintechOS), as well as Marketing Consultant and Fractional CMO for B2B start-ups that want to scale and expand globally. Currently, Ioana is working on the soft launch of TechMarketers, a curated marketplace that will connect B2B startups with Fractional CMOs, vetted marketing freelancers, boutique agencies, and revops experts.

Passionate about pragmatic and data-driven marketing with concrete revenue impact, she’s always exploring how small and mid-sized companies can achieve more with limited marketing budgets & resources by using the optimal marketing infrastructure.