About our Investment Readiness Program

About our Investment Readiness Program

February 23, 2023

Rubik Hub’s Investment Readiness Program is an exclusive 5-month follow-on program, tailored to top startups in our international accelerator Rubik Garage, looking to raise investment in the next 3-6 months.

After working with over 250 startup founders in the past 5 years, we, the Rubik Hub team, know the fundraising process is equally scary and exhilarating. It cannot be done casually, and we want to help founders learn how to better navigate this emotional rollercoaster.

This is why, in 2022, we launched the Investment Readiness Program, structured in two phases:

Phase 1 (2 months), Investment Readiness, which consists in:

  • Interactive workshops on a wide range of key aspects involved in the fundraising process including strategies and tips on how to identify and approach ideal investors/VCs, how to raise your first/second round, valuation methods, the flow of a successful investment process, pros and cons of various financing options, key metrics to consider and cultural differences between investors in Europe vs USA. The list of topics is tailored to the needs of the startups in the program.
  • Peer-to-peer learning groups
  • Feedback sessions with Rubik Hub experts
  • Ask Me Anything sessions with startup founders who have successfully raised funds ranging from 1-10M Euros.

Phase 2 (3 months), Raising Investment, which integrates:

  • Mapping the investors (ticket size, verticals, geographies, etc.)
  • Warm intros to exclusive investors
  • Feedback sessions with Rubik Hub experts
  • Peer-to-peer learning groups.

Below are last year’s curricula and mentors:

  • VC’s Outreach & How to Play for a Win – with Karol Lasota, Principal Inovo VC Fund
  • Valuation methods – with Alina Georgescu, Investment Manager Catalyst Romania
  • Raising Your First Round – with Gautam Kumar, Head of Accelerator Investments & Education GoingVC
  • Investment Process, Financing Options – with Günce Önür, Partner Startup Wise Guys
  • How to Raise the First Round – with Vlad Sarca, Partner Sparking Capital
  • Investor management & relations, How to position Before and After an Investment – with Sonia Fedorovici, Head of Legal & GP ROCA X & Theodor Genoiu, Investment Manager ROCA X
  • Finance for Startups, Structure, Mindset & Tips – with Bogdan Pasca, Investment Manager ROCA X
  • Pitch Deck Preparation for Investors & Legal Aspects of Different Investment Types – with Rumen Iliev, Partner LAUNCHub Ventures

Closing an investment round requires not only knowledge but also time – it’s a process of developing trust with an investor, a process that needs to be nurtured. Our goal is to support throughout this process those startups we trust, and this is why the program was created only for top alumni of Rubik Garage CEE accelerator.