Welcome to our Rubikorn Community.

Since you landed here it means you want to ˝give before you get˝ from what you have, what you know and what you are. There are so many young startup founders that need inspiration and support to become global success businesses. You can help them get there!

We share one mission and same values. We give before we get. We want positive impact in the community.

#connect  #educate #empower #inspire

Choose how you can get involved in the community! How can you help!


Advise or find the right
questions for the founders!
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Do you want to invest
in Startups and help them grow?


Do you want to be speaker or trainer in our events? #educate #inspire


Developing and growing together projects and programs!


Support projects for the community! Win-Win-Win!


Passioned about the mission? Get involved and help our projects to grow!