inaugurare Rubik miniHub UAIC

Thank you, 2019!

One amazing year has just ended and for us the sky seems to constantly move its limits!

It’s not the time yet to speak about the 2020 plans for Rubik Hub, as the topic is still under construction. Give us a few more days, and for sure we’ll give you things to think about!

But I do believe it is the perfect time to lay back and draw some conclusions! 

2019 has been for us the year of bold steps in the startup ecosystem. We are still in the first trimester of our 20 years’ timeline (2017 – 2037), but we have already managed to draw the attention in the ecosystem and to clearly explain our undertaken mission:

To develop and connect communities, together with whom we inspire, educate and accelerate startups from 0 to 1 and create global successful businesses.

I believe you know who we are, as one of the major “complains” we heard over the last year was the Rubik Hub team members were omnipresent! Indeed, there were quite a few places we’ve been at: competitions, conferences, events, networking parties, inaugurations, etc.

Yes, we managed to build a dream team of 10 over achievers, very positive and optimistic people, who are willing to put their efforts into fulfilling the mission. Here’s to us!

Yes, we are surrounded by amazing people! They all have seriously taken our #givebeforeyouget statement and joined the extended Rubik Hub startup community as mentors, investors, partners, sponsors or volunteers! Happy to welcome you in our family!

Yes, we are lucky enough to be supported by a great organization that understands our need to learn, network and grow. Thank you, ADR NE for that!

Yes, we proved that the intrinsic motivation is much more important than a physical location and that change can start anywhere! Cheers Piatra Neamt, a small town (almost) in the middle of nowhere!

Yes, we made it clear that education is important at every level! We salute all the participants of our programs and we thank them for considering Rubik Hub an important step in their professional development!

But what have we actually done so far?

What do you know about Rubik Hub? What is your personal story with us? What more would you like to know? Let’s see..

Developing programs

Rubik Hub is best known for developing and implementing educational programs for startups. We don’t brag ourselves with reinventing the wheel, but we are very passionate about what we do and after a period of pivoting, changing, switching, mixing… we now have a good mix of educational programs open for wannabe founders, early-stage founders or founders ready to scale up! For more details about our startup programs, please click here.

Connecting people

It’s no easy job to build a community. But it is even harder to keep it on the right track and help it grow!

The Rubik Hub startup community is made out of passionate people, with a growth mindset, who are dedicated to the cause and want to drive positive impact.

These are the kind of people who help us establish valuable connections between ecosystems, between startups and accelerators, founders and mentors, speakers and event organizers.

We call most of these connections that we make “small victories”. They are small, but in fact very important. It’s not something to promote, but it is something that we believe it can make a difference and that’s why we take it so seriously!

Taking in roles

Be it in Piatra Neamt, Rubik Hub became one relevant actor for the Romanian startup ecosystem. And this comes with a whole package of responsibilities and benefits!

Even though we always have a strong desire to expand the time, we are very happy to accept invitations to take in various roles in the startup ecosystem. Only in 2019 we managed to act as mentors, speakers or judges in more than 30 startup related events, all over Romania, but not only!

Coworking as a concept

We are lucky enough to have a very generous coworking space, of approximately 1400 square meters, with all the facilities you dreamed of! 

But we believe it is more to that! Not everybody can understand and undertake the concept of coworking, where a space provides a full experience that gives you the time, space, and support to build new relationships, grow new ideas, and discover new possibilities.

Discover it here!

And because we believe proper education is the key for success, we managed to bring in the concept of Rubik Hub coworking space in the biggest university of North-East Romania, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Iași. This was done with the support of Orange Romania and Raiffeisen Bank Romania and the great result is RubikminiHub!

Welcome to our startup community! We wish you an amazing Happy New Year!