[Partnership] Rubik Hub x DDD Invoices

[Partnership] Rubik Hub x DDD Invoices

July 7, 2023

We’re happy to officially announce our partnership with DDD Invoices, the solution for global e-invoicing compliance & alumnus of Rubik Garage Accelerator Cohort 5. They are offering the use of their invoicing API completely for free for 1 year. 

With DDD Invoices partnership for startups, software providers can enable compliant invoicing for their software in CEE and beyond, completely FREE for 1 year. By integrating their API, software companies get the ability to send and report to tax authorities & e-invoicing networks around the world, receive invoices from anywhere and store invoices & e-invoices on a secure cloud.

DDD Invoices is a platform to which software, SaaS and e-commerce & marketplaces connect and get automated and compliant invoicing so they do not need to worry about compliance, and can shorten their time-to-market & expand.

By integrating their API they enable global invoicing for their service and can comply with all local tax requirements all over the world. Read more about invoicing compliance API.

They also offer the ability to embed your own invoicing UI or build your own invoicing solution as a separate or embedded solution. Read more about building with DDD Invoicing APIs.

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