Official launch of Rubik Garage Scale to USA ’23-’24

Official launch of Rubik Garage Scale to USA ’23-’24

September 28, 2023

Are you a startup founder from Europe with plans for the USA market? Join us for the unveiling of the “Rubik Garage Accelerator – Scale to the USA Edition” on October 6th, 2023. This bold accelerator is a collaboration between the Rubik Hub team, Fortech Investments, Women Invest in Tech (Silicon Valley), AmCham, and other pivotal community partners from the USA and Europe.

Curious about the accelerator? Wanna chat up some of our strategic partners? Or maybe just dive deep into a juicy Q&A with the folks who’ve got the funds and the energy behind the show? We’ve got you.

Register now for the Official Launch, which we’re organizing as a side-event of How To Web.

See you from 12 PM at the Microsoft headquarters – Blvd. Iuliu Maniu, 6P Campus Building, Bucharest.

About the accelerator

The Rubik Garage Scale to USA accelerator is designed for promising startups that have already had traction in a market in Europe and now aim to penetrate the U.S.A market.

This 4-month hybrid program, generously supported by the strategic partners Fortech Investments, Women Invest in Tech (Silicon Valley), AmCham, and Flowlie, as fundraising tech partner, and other community partners from the USA and Europe, is segmented into three phases:

  • Founders’ Bootcamp – A comprehensive 3-day in-person event, scheduled in Romania for November ’23.
  • Online Program – Dive deep with over 15 online workshops, personalized 1:1 mentoring sessions, exclusive ‘Meet the Investors’ rendezvous, and enlightening ‘Ask Me Anything’ sessions with successful founders.
  • Immersion Week into the USA – travel & venture into the heart of the startup tech world with immersive weeks in Silicon Valley and Austin, Texas, culminating in March ’24.
  • 2 x Demo Days in San Francisco and Austin – in-person events to pitch in front of investors, in March `24.

A golden opportunity awaits startups, as Fortech Investments, our lead strategic partner, has pledged to invest up to 100,000 euros in startups that align with their portfolio and show immense potential.

Don’t miss out on this exceptional opportunity!

Apply by November 1st, 2023, at Rubik Garage Scale to USA.

This is an essential side event of the How to Web Conference. The side event is hosted with the support of Microsoft at their headquarters in Bucharest.