Rubik Hub is an official partner for Find my mentor, Romanian IT `s mentorship program.

Rubik Hub is an official partner for Find my mentor by Romanian IT

Happy to announce that Rubik Hub is an official partner for Find my mentor, Romanian IT `s mentorship program. The program is designed to connect Romanian entrepreneurs, developers & product managers with expert mentors from the Romanian IT community and partner network worldwide.  

Heading now towards its 3rd edition this autumn, the 3 months program will consists of 30 mentors, 12 one on one sessions and a total of 360 hours of mentorship.

Check all the details and subscribe on to find out first when the application period will be open and to receive updated about the confirmed mentors from around the world!

This partnership comes like a glove for our mission to build the entrepreneurial ecosystem. One of the key aspects is the community of mentors with great experience and expertise, who are willing to give back to their community or/and to help the community of wannabe entrepreneurs. Our projects like Office Hours or Square1 Bootcamp put the mentor in a position to help the mentees in a safe environment and

How it Works in FindMyMentor

First Step – You can choose your mentor depending on your learning objective and desired type of mentorship, you choose one you like and you apply for his specific profile.

Second Step – Interview – If the mentor you have applied for considers he is a good match for you, an interview will be set to validate the match.

Third Step – Start program – If the match is validated after the interview, you get connected and start the 3 months mentorship program.

Learn faster with mentorship!

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