Linnify becomes a Validation Partner for Rubik Hub

Linnify becomes a Validation Partner for Rubik Hub

December 11, 2023

We are excited to announce that Linnify joins our startup community as a Validation Partner! First to benefit from their expertise are the startups from our Rubik Garage Accelerator – Scale to USA Edition, Cohort 6, and the other teams from our support programs.

Who is Linnify

Linnify is an international digital product studio that builds and launches software products in Health, Education, Energy, and Future of Work.

The company follows a validation-driven approach to product development and has designed a proprietary process for early-stage startups and spinoffs called the ‘Validation Playbook’. The process helps in achieving problem/solution fit faster and more efficiently, allowing for an accelerated product development journey.

How Can Linnify Help You as Founder

As part of Linnify’s strong belief in the talented innovation ecosystem in Romania and the surrounding region, the partnership with Rubik Hub will help provide startups that are part of the accelerator’s programs with the following benefits:

  1. Product validation expertise through dedicated workshops and access to the “Validation Playbook” – for startups that are in the early stages of validating the need in the market for their solution
  2. Investor matchmaking through the use of the “Validation Sheet” and connections with partners’ investor network – for startups that have validated initial need in the market and are looking to scale

“We’re excited for the opportunity to contribute to the growth of our region’s innovation ecosystem through the partnership with Rubik Hub. Both of our organisations’ efforts are aligned in the same direction, with a focus on early-stage validation and US expansion. I hope that our involvement will generate valuable learnings and growth opportunities for participating startups that are determined to positively impact the world through their innovations,” says Catalin Briciu, co-founder & CEO.

If you need help throughout your validation process and want to get connected with Linnify, drop us a line!