Mix to match: Challenges for the 2019 Hackathon

Startup Challenges Hackathon bring together 55 professionals and 20 startups from Rubik Garage to overcome some very demanding challenges! 

We listed bellow the the provocations the startups are dealing with the aim to finish these days the matching process between the professionals and the startups!

Looking forward to see you all there!

Statup Challenges Hackathon

1. PHP re-design dashboard + landing page (+ smoke test) + user flow

2. UI/UX ; Marketing Strategy

3. Get more clients – Growth strategy

4. Users – community growth & engagement; startup funding

5. how to transform more referrals received through the platform into hires. So far we have received ~250 referrals but only one turned into a hire and would like to find ways to increase this

6. One of them is the validation part + We also have difficulties connecting to a database for both iOS and Android.

7. Communication with clients + Web app development

8. How to reach the people that need the app:friend group sharing, appealing to the public, interactive app feature. + Engage them with a compelling purpose at the start of the app: series of questions to get the user started, an intro video.

9. I need a CMS for my platform

10. Define a better visual identity for our Persona + Re-launch the app under a different vision.

11. Define USP (unique selling proposition) + Prioritize project timeline & agile backlog

12. Define USP (unique selling proposition) + Define target personas based on the data we will gather by then

13. Validate ideas and prioritize features + Clear vision & direction for project team + Prioritize project timeline & agile backlog