[Webinar] Perception & Positioning for Startup Growth

[Webinar] Perception & Positioning for Startup Growth

June 21, 2024

On July 4th, from 1 PM EEST, join us in a webinar on perception & positioning for startup growth with world’s leading experts in Perception Engineering™ from Heraldist:

  • Elena Hurjui, Heraldist Co-founder and Strategy Director – Delivered more than 40 projects for tech companies around the world, including 4 unicorns and 16 Series-A+ startups. Previously, led the communication for some of the most iconic global brands
  • Mirela Hincu Angelescu, Heraldist Managing Partner – 20 years spent working on global brands, 5 years spent working with startups to define who they are and how they should connect with their customers. Big believer in the power brand building as the way for sustained growth.
Heraldist is a brand consultancy for the tech industry. They created Perception Engineering™, a two-steps methodology that helps tech companies define who they are and how to connect to their customers. The methodology was successfully employed to build the value perception of dozens of tech companies in the Valley, Europe, and beyond.

Webinar Structure

What is Perception Engineering and why should you bother?

Good products create value. But we need the potential customer of those products to perceive that value. With few notable exceptions, the tech industry misses the propeller of good perception management (marketing communications and brand building). Research, examples, case studies.

The imperative need for Positioning

The informed decision on how you want to be perceived. What is the imprint you want in your audience’s minds, that would be relevant for them, true for what you do, and different from your competitors? Positioning is the foundation of everything.

The effective order of things

Positioning (how you want to be perceived), then Identity, then Manifestations (messaging that goes further onto pitch decks, presentation videos, campaigns, PR efforts). Why you shouldn’t jump directly to executions (ads, videos, etc).

Performance & Brand Messaging

How they work together and influence each other. While doing Performance to gain traction, do not forget to do brand communication too. While harvesting existing demand with performance campaigns, create future demand with brand campaigns. The 95-5 law. Research, examples, case studies.

Messaging, Emotions, and Storytelling.

In tech and B2B, the use of emotions is less intuitive. What research shows.

How all this applies to a startup reality

Examples of success driven by the right combination of a good product + a relevant, differentiating, and memorable brand.