Community Retreat 2024

Community Retreat 2024

June 20, 2024

This June, we organized our most cherished event – the Community Retreat. This is our way of saying thank you to the most active mentors who have supported us in the previous year. Our way of encouraging balance in the overwhelming world of startups, getting away from the hustle and bustle of cities, reconnecting with nature, all while showing the natural beauties of our home, Piatra Neamt.

We were honored to start the event with the launch of Nell Watson‘s new book, “Taming the Machine.” While AI offers immense benefits, it also poses significant risks. In her book, Nell provides practical insights on how to “Ethically Harness the Power of AI”. She addresses the ethical dilemmas of unchecked AI, emphasizing the need to strengthen cybersecurity, protect our data, and recognize the potential dangers of artificial intelligence.

It was a privilege to have Nell at our event. As a pioneering ethics and machine intelligence researcher, she has been instrumental in shaping critical AI ethics standards and certification initiatives through organizations like the IEEE. Nell was also a mentor in our Rubik Scale to USA accelerator, 2024 edition.

The second day was for adventures and overcoming our fears in a beautiful mountain hike. We also enjoyed a local craft beer tasting, and finished the day savoring local delights and enjoying a beautiful campfire.

How was the experience for the participants? Below are just a few feedbacks:

❣️ “An incredibly successful and inspiring event.”
❣️ “A fantastic space for networking and forging lasting relationships.”
❣️ “A truly exceptional Community gathering with a capital ‘C’.”
❣️ “An authentic event radiating positive and special energy from the community. The hub’s location, surroundings, and the city enhance this experience, while the mountain hike, sunshine, and nature help root new connections among people in the community, leaving you filled with confidence and joy.”

These were magical moments that will always remain in our hearts. Thanks to everyone who joined us!