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Andrei Carabelea

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If you want to talk about principles, word of honor or devotement… well, Andrei could be a good study case! His stubbornness in changing mentalities and negative contexts is contagious. He would definitely go to the bitter end to fulfill an assigned mission and on the way he would try to convince you to join in!
Andrei is the kind of guy that you can joke with about anything, but God forbid to face him as an opponent in a dispute! ☺
He has a passion for ecology and social responsibility, hence the numerous projects or activities of this kind that he got involved in! Most likely this offered him a very positive perspective over the impact that volunteers could have in a community.
And because of his believes and vast experience in working with young people, he is coordinating today one of our emblematic programs dedicated to students, RubikEDU.

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