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Our Story

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our story

The story began once we acknowledged the need for improving the environment we live in, in order to give future generations a chance to dream beyond their current boundaries.

It all started with a dream which became bigger than the dreamer; that of creating a world where every single person has the chance to reach the best version of themselves and generate a positive impact in their environment. The dream has evolved into a mission undertaken by a team of young enthusiasts and brave dreamers, who believe in the power of community.

Our mission

 is to develop an entrepreneurial system in the North-East region of Romania, by building a community where people connect and have access to educational support; where the youth with an entrepreneurial spirit is encouraged and inspired to build successful startups at a global level. Our mission is practically the goal of an entire region.


We believe in:

Being impactful and purpose driven – optimist and positive
Always be ready to go the extra mile to achieve the mission.
Having integrity
We keep our promises and deliver. We act now and proactively tackle challenges because we know that complaining won’t improve the ecosystem, executing on our ideas and promises will. 
Being an overachiever – growth mindset and making things happen
Ready to embrace new challenges, adaptable, comfortable with uncertainty, love to learn, and have a desire to make a positive impact.

Rubik Hub is the place where unicorns become reality! #GiveBeforeYouGet #StartupCommunity

The Team

Our creative team

The Rubik Team

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