Since 2017, we create, scout & develop startups ready for investment


Rubik Hub’s mission is to develop and connect communities, together with whom we inspire, educate and accelerate startups, by creating a successful journey, from self-discovery to investment level.


Rubik Hub is the nurturer of an emerging community, formed of people with mutual values, desire to grow as a whole and a common vision: to live in a world where each person can reach the best version of themselves and drive positive impact.


We are committed to invest 20 years worth of sweat, blood & tears to create future global disruptive startups and we’re on the right track with proven results.

Curating global impact together, from the heart of a strong community

RH_Team - 4 years anniversary


We are located in Romania, home of UiPathCreativeTimNifty LearningQuestoNestor and Mondly and many more promising startups.

Part of the East-European post-communist block, Romania started to deliver emerging innovation at a fast pace in the past years. It became one of the most valuable IT outsourcing countries in the world, accelerating innovation through one very agile domain, with the most rapid growth – startups.

We decrease the risk of failure for startups, by supporting aligned and committed teams to deliver solutions to the real problems that the world has.

We strongly believe that #collaboration is the key to success. That is why we surrounded ourselves with fully-committed professionals sharing our vision: startup founders, mentors, experts, volunteers, representatives of the public, private or academic sectors, investors and believers.

We started locally, but guided by a global mindset. We collaborate with other startup communities from all over the world, embracing best practices and successful long term strategies.

Since 2017 we’ve been building up numerous successful stories with the members of our community, be it individuals that are considering entrepreneurship a career option or committed teams willing to develop solutions for real life problems.

2017 - 2037: We are developing entrepreneurial growth programs for our community, to deliver
a complete journey - from self discovery to first investment.


A startup journey is never a predictable one. But it is something that turns on your intrinsic motivation to contribute to the development of a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem that creates a global impact.

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