Deadline extended: 17 June, 16:00 h CET

Rubik Garage is a free program that requires a high level of commitment from the startup founders! We support your team and startup to overcome any current blockages and we shall identify together with you your development needs. We will spend 6 months together and we will start by building a personalized roadmap for your startup needs that includes office hours, trainings, events and skill share workshops. We will track the completion and progress of your goals every month. Also, you will be held accountable by a dedicated Advisory Board.

By the end of the program, each startup will have the business model defined and validated by Rubik Hub community and we will continue assisting you in building & validating the MVP and Go-to-market strategy. After the 6 months program, the Rubik Garage team will continue to support you, to connect you with partners (investors and accelerators) and inspire you to grow and scale.

Apply till June 17th 2019


The garage is the place where a lot of startup founders have started to build their first prototypes or MVPs. They used minimum resources and space and bootstrapped every new step. It is the place to execute, work, build, test, repair and build again.

The garage is the place with 3 solid walls and 1 big door that connects you with the world & your potential clients. The garage door keeps you open to the public, open for feedback and open for validation.

Rubik Garage is for early-stage startups with or without MVP

  • Advisory Board
  • personalised roadmap & milestones
  • progress tracking
  • dedicated Office hours
  • free access to Rubik Hub events
  • visible to accelerators and investors
  • access to resources worth of over 5.000 euro (books, online courses, access to apps and content, goodies from partners)
  • have a team formed of 2+ members¬†
  • have a validated problem
  • scalability¬†potential
  • full time & long term commitment (will)

Program Overview

Monthly activities:

  • Office hours
  • Advisory Board meetings
  • Progress tracking & evaluation
  • skillshare workshops personalised on your needs

Week 1-3

  • Startup screening & team evaluation
  • Roadmap building

Week 4-7

  • Building & execution

Week 8-10

  • Startup Hackathon
  • Half program feedback

Week 11-14

  • Demo Day

Week 15-19

  • Feedback & advice integration
  • MVP validation & testing¬†


Weeks 20-24

  • KPIs evaluation
  • Next steps & action plan
  • Connect you with the community
  • Support on specific needs & Blockages
  • Graduation time

Do you have any questions?

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